Week 5 (2012)

By the end of the last week in the field, the NASK team has managed to cover a total of 473 squares of the Katsaronio plain – correlating to 473 hectares, thus also reaching this seasons preliminary goal of terrain coverage. The project has consisted of an intensive diachronic archaeological surface survey conducted using an arbitrary 100 x 100m grid superimposed over the entire designated survey area.

During the 2012 season, the survey has been focused on the southern third of the Katsaronio Plain. Our finds have been numerous and has consisted of both clearly outlined concentrations of archaeological remains (22 findspots in total) and individual transect finds, whether features or artifacts.

The preliminary results indicate an intensively and persistently used and constructed cultural landscape. As in most of the Karystia, the earliest current finds from the Katsaronio can be tentatively dated to the Final Neolithic period and consist of ceramic (2418 sherds – 238 diagnostic) and lithic (2056 pieces, mainly obsidian) evidence. The wealth of obsidian found in the Karystia thus far singles out this area as an important consumption and/or redistribution center for this material during the Aegean prehistory. In addition, finds from Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman periods further testify to the continuous occupation of the Katsaronio Plain and its significance as an important agricultural resource for people living in the Karystia during the past six thousand years.

The first field season of the NASK-project has now ended, and the NASK directors would especially like to thank its hard-working team of volunteers for a job well done!

We hope to cover another large chunk of the designated survey area in 2013. We expect our finds to be even more numerous as we move into parts of the Katsaronio where conditions for habitations are more favorable and where even current habitation in the plain is concentrated. Our preliminary reconnaissance suggest the presence of some truly amazing finds. Stay tuned for the next season!

From the left: Aca, Efi, Ashley, Emilie, Carley, Bianca, Kristen, Jonas, Kjersti, Liz, Kevin, Bridgid, Tomas, Peter, Renate, Zarko, Joe & Ole.


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