Week 2 (2012)

During our second week of surveying, the NASK team has been able to perfect their field skills. Navigating with a compass in a hilly landscape has proved to be a challenge, but the NASK volunteers have all significantly improved their skills in both compasses and defeating the phrygana.

The team was also joined by an additional volunteer this week, so the surveying line now consists of 12 students in the front line, supplemented by the NASK director, the crew chief and an archaeologist from the Greek Archaeological Service in the second line. Currently the team is able to cover 120 meters in one stretch.

By the end of week 2, the NASK team has so far been able to cover 212 squares of the Katsaronio plain – correlating to 212 hectares. The archaeological material collected still mainly consists of obsidian and pottery, with occasional recordings of architecture.

We we’re also joined in the field one afternoon by the director of the Norwegian Institute at Athens, Prof. Panos Dimas and the Institutes executive officer, Patrick Talatas. Both got a first hand impression of the working conditions of field archaeologists.


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