Week 1 (2012)

And so a new field project begins!

During this years field season, the NASK team set out to survey the large Kastaronio Plain in the vicinity of Karystos in southern Euboea. Our main goals are:

1)      To examine the past use of the Katsaronio Plain and to reconstruct the past cultural landscape in the area. In southern Euboea, this usually ranges in date from the end of the Neolithic through modern time; i.e. approximately 7000 years of human use and habitation.

2)      To look for the evidence for the earliest human habitation in this part of the Aegean.

3)      To provide Norwegian and other students of archaeology basic training in the application of archaeological field methods.

The methods we will employ during the duration of the project consist of a systematic walking and collecting and recording of past remains visible on the surface. We will do that, as well as ensure systematic coverage, by following pre-designed transects of 100x10m, which are nested into a grid of 100x100m, which is superimposed over the entire survey area.

This years NASK team consists of 21 participants from nine different countries. The participants are all students and scholars of archaeology, classics, and history with varying previous field experience.

During the first week of surveying, the participants were given an introduction to the general characteristics of the archaeological material from the area at the local museum in Karystos. They were also tought the use of a compass and other orienteering techniques and each had the length of their strides measured.

So far, the archaeological material found consists of large amounts of obsidian, ceramis and some other litichs. The team has also recorded several findspots, some with architectural remains while others consisting of scatters of various kinds of material (mostly lithics and pottery).


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