Monthly Archives: June 2012

Week 2 (2012)

During our second week of surveying, the NASK team has been able to perfect their field skills. Navigating with a compass in a hilly landscape has proved to be a challenge, but the NASK volunteers have all significantly improved their skills in both compasses and defeating the phrygana. The team was also joined by an additional volunteer […]

Week 1 (2012)

And so a new field project begins! During this years field season, the NASK team set out to survey the large Kastaronio Plain in the vicinity of Karystos in southern Euboea. Our main goals are: 1)      To examine the past use of the Katsaronio Plain and to reconstruct the past cultural landscape in the area. In southern […]

NASK Team Members

Dr. Žarko Tankosić, NASK Director, Research Associate in the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University-Bloomington  Žarko Tankosić has conducted archaeological fieldwork in southern Euboea since 2004. His doctoral research was focused on how maritime interactions influenced social and communal structure of participating communities and personal identites of individuals involved during the Final Neolithic and Early Bronze […]